Finnish Baby Aid Kit is a Finnish innovation that is developed to improve the safety of childbirth and the basic care of newborn in areas where conditions are challenging and medical care is limited or difficult to reach.

Finnish Baby Aid Kit enables basic standards for safe and equal childbirth for every mother. It also offers basic materials for nursing newborns during first months following birth. The first couple of months following childbirth is a very sensitive time in terms of a baby’s health and good nursing is an essential prerequisite of a baby’s success in future life.

Finnish Baby Aid Kit is a childbirth and nursing kit that is especially developed to be used in developing countries, and in crisis and emergency conditions. The kit contains materials for childbirth and for nursing a newborn. This concept and product is suitable for aid and humanitarian organizations and their maternal and child health programs in the Third World countries. Naturally the kit can also be used in a developing country’s own maternal and child health programs.

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