Logonet designs and manufactures tailored collections that combine the clients’ brand with ease of use and premium quality, always respecting the environment and people. Why settle for a ready-made collection, if you can have a collection tailored specifically for your company? We design the collection in co-operation with you as a turnkey solution with over 30 years of experience.


Your company’s workwear is a visual manifestation of your company’s core values and image.

We design workwear, protective clothing, shoes, and gloves to meet the specific needs and working conditions of each target company and user group. We do not use one-size-fits all solutions; instead, we design and manufacture all garments to fit the specific needs of our customer.  The resulting collection, therefore, is always one of a kind. We do extensive research on the specific demands of our clients’ industries, resulting in a solution that their employees will feel comfortable in, with details that serve the needs of their employees. Carefully designed and manufactured garments not only stand the test of time and wear and tear, but they are also an ecological choice that respects your brand as well as the environment. Whenever technologically possible, we promise to always offer workwear made from recycled material, thus saving water, energy and raw material. Taking significant action is easy and cost efficient.

We manufacture most our workwear in our own GRS-certified factory in Bangladesh, where our quality control inspects every single product that leaves the factory guaranteeing premium quality.


Protective Clothing

In addition to workwear, Logonet designs, certifies, and manufactures personal protective equipment such as Category II and III high-visibility and flame retardant clothing, safety footwear and gloves. Our products are designed in Finland, certified, then manufactured in our own factory in Bangladesh.  We supervise production, inspect each outgoing piece individually, and deliver the goods to your desired destination.

Disposable protective clothing and equipment

We manufacture and supply disposable protective clothing, protective equipment, and Class 1 medical devices for personal protection in all the countries where we operate.

Our Asian unit plays a pivotal role in the supply of protective equipment to Finland, ensuring the smooth functioning of production and the supply chain as well as the high quality of the products.

Many types of personal protective equipment are disposable and thus an additional burden on the environment.  Our goal is to protect not only people, but also the environment, which is why we have started to develop reusable and washable protective clothing for the healthcare industry.

Contract Manufacturing

Are you considering launching a brand extension or looking for a reliable manufacturer for your existing range?  Logonet’s contract manufacturing service may be the right solution for you.  Our extensive experience and far-reaching organization in Asia guarantee a level of quality and value that are difficult for traditional sub-contractor to achieve.

In addition to workwear, Logonet designs and manufactures bags, home textiles and various other product categories for numerous leading consumer brands.  We can take over production for an existing collection as is, or in conjunction with our customer create patterns, prints, technical solutions, and materials.  Your brand and reputation are in capable hands with us.

Finnish Baby Aid Kit

The Finnish Baby Aid Kit was developed to improve neonatal and maternal care and safety in areas where conditions are challenging, and healthcare is scarce.

The Finnish Baby Aid Kit includes essentials to ensure a safe delivery and post-natal baby care.  By supporting maternal and newborn health care in developing regions, increasing access to health and pre-natal services as well as deliveries at health centers, we can reduce adverse complications for both mothers and newborns.

The Finnish Baby Aid Kits was developed in partnership with health care and aid professionals.  It includes a birthing kit aimed at health care professionals and a maternity kit for infant care.


We always strive to act fairly towards our suppliers, our staff, and our customers. Our responsible conduct is reflected both as social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Read more about these below.



Social responsibility

We recognize our corporate social responsibility in all the countries where we operate. Our responsibility is reflected in the environment as well as in our stakeholders and employees. Corporate responsibility is an area of continuous development for us; as our operating environment changes, we as a company must also change and adapt.

Sosiaalinen vastuu

Code of Conduct

The Logonet Group formulated its first formal Code of Ethics in the early 2000’s, mainly geared toward our Asian operations and partners.  The code was based on the United Nation’s International Labor Organization’s standards, and it delineates the right of workers to a safe and just work environment. Children have the right to a childhood and an education, while adults have the right to adequate pay and rest, and equal opportunities to advance in their careers, regardless of age, gender, religion, or other non-work-related factors.

We require our partners and suppliers to commit to the same rules. Our own staff monitor the implementation of the guidelines through regular visits to the factories and record any shortcomings. When deemed necessary, we use external auditing services (Asia Inspection, Intertek, and SGS).

Logonet Oy is a member of Amfori BSCI: https://www.amfori.org/

Here you can see the Logonet Code of Conduct: Logonet Code of Conduct


Environmental responsibility

Environmentalism is an important value for us and our customers. It is a value that is omnipresent in our lives and work.  We conserve energy, recycle, and make sustainable choices – not only because it is ecological, but because it makes good business sense.

Ecologically friendly choices also drive our relationships with our customers; we actively offer recycled materials and products to our client. These include materials from 100% recycled fibers to partly recycled and products that have been manufactured with reuse in mind. But the most ecological product is one that has the longest possible life cycle – quality and sustainability are ecological values in the purest sense.

Logonet Oy is a member of WWF Green Office – www.wwf.fi/greenoffice

We offset the carbon emissions calculated from our 2020 Finnish office operations, including air and road kilometers for business trips, based on the emission criteria defined in WWF’s Green Office program, in full through Reforest. Logonet’s forest grows here: https://reforest.fi/kompensoi/kohde/18

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